Hopscotch Cotton Mat


Hopscotch Mat – perfect to bring the outside game into any inside room.  Bedroom mat, hallway.  Can be family fun game night.

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Who remembers the fun we had with hopscotch? So much fun, but we could only do it on the footpath once we drew with chalk. Now you can but one and have in your child’s bedroom.

So your asking – what on earth could be the benefits of Hopscotch:

  • Children learn to master body control.
  • They will also learn to control body rhythm which is the core of other numerous skills.
  • Movements involved build balance, as well as hand/eye coordination.
  • Hopping signals advances in physical coordination, balance, and cognitive development.
  • The rules of hopscotch encourage spatial awareness.
  • Taking turns helps with social development
  • Muscle strength is improved
  • Develops motor skills
  • For young children, it’s like a social campfire. Everyone loves hopscotch!
  • They will have hours of fun – encouraging exercise.

Dimensions: 72*170cm

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