Electronic Floppy Fish Toy – Your feline family member is gonna love


Have you got a pampered little feline kitty? Do they need distracting and encouraged to play? This is it.  So cute, you can not get electronic floppy fish that flap’s and flips around – keeping your precious kitty entertained.

4 designs that you can pick for your pampered little pet – it’s like a Montessori toy  for cats.

How amazing is this that now you can get electronic toys for your pampered feline kitty.  This thing flop’s around like a fish ‘outa’ water.  Your cat is going to love this.


  • High-quality material, this ornament is very durable
  • Safe and  healthy for your family member
  • The fish attracts the attention of our feline friends and encourages them to play.  Keeps them amused for ages
  • Assists with some exercise which is always beneficial for their health
  • Your loved little pussy will love how this toy which  flips, flops, and makes gurgling sounds.
  • 4 variations for your choice


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