Blue Whale Sorting Toy


We at The Grace Critique absolutely promote creative play. That involves any object that sparks the imagination and promotes creative expression. In its most effective form, it is self-initiated and self-directed.

Child psychologists agree that there are far more developmental benefits to playing with ‘true toys’, such as blocks, dolls and cuddly toys, as opposed to ‘passive toys’, such as computer games, TVs, tablets or smartphones, which encourage a limited use of imagination.

There are a range of recognised benefits of creative play, which can be broken into the following groups:

  • Emotional and social benefits: 
  • Cognitive benefits
  • Physical benefits

That is why we want to bring you some inspiring toys that will inspire your little ones to explore, imagine and enjoy. Our collection will expand as we search for new toys.

Here is another beautiful wooden toy, that is safe for your little one.  Allow them to sort out large to small whales into the puzzle.  It allows your little one to expand on cognitive skills and identify shapes large and small.  They will love this little wooden blue whale set.

Please note, this toy may take 2-3 weeks to arrive because it is shipped from our international warehouse. But if we can get it to you faster, we will!  You do not have to worry because all our products come with shipping insurance. This means they are guaranteed to arrive safe and sound, or we will give you a full refund or send you a new one for free.


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